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Company News and Stories!

Check out all the exciting things happening at TargetTack! 

ArrowTrade Magazine

TargetTack is featured as the cover story in the September to November publication!

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Check us out on pages 6-11, and 14!

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Mammoth Nation Partnership

We are proud to be partnered with Mammoth Nation and now offer a 10% discount to all Mammoth Nation Members. 


TargetTack 10% Off - Mammoth Nation Members get great Discounts/Deals on partner brands.

Celebrating Our 1-Year Anniversary!

We are extremely proud of our TargetTack family and all the work our team has put in to make this first year a success!

New & Notable Page 8
Essential Range Gear on Page 57

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Check out Patrick Meitin's gear report on page 43!

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TargetTack is featured in the March and July 2023 issue of InsideFirearms!


TargetTack is featured in the March, May and July 2023 issue of InsideArchery!
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Manufacturing Profile Page 61.
Standout Product page 94.

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Grear Report page 50.

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New & Notable page 12 
Ad on page 39 

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InsideFirearms Gear Admin

Executive Editor of InsideFirearms, Patrick Meitinreview video. (Select Photo to watch video)

Family Firearms Reviews

Watch Family Firearms Reviews test our TragetTacks!  (Select Photo to watch video)

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Most Scanned New Product During
Day 3 of SHOT Show 2023

TargetTack was one of the most scanned New Products during Day 3 of the 2023 SHOTShow!

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InsideArchery promotional video for TargetTack!

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