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Family Owned and operated

Story Behind Our Product

As avid target shooting enthusiasts, we set out to solve nuisances associated with adhering paper-based targets to different substrates across firearms, air-guns and archery industries.  We wanted to minimize needing to buy, carry and clean-up extra equipment and materials used in retaining these targets.  Hence, developing our patent pending target retaining device called TargetTack™ to solve these nuisances.  TargetTack makes target retention easier, reusable, more efficient and enables a lower total cost of ownership for adhering paper-based targets for use with firearms, air-guns and archery trajectories.

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TargetTack® adheres all kinds of paper-based targets to a variety of substrates, substrate coverings, or exterior types:

Cardboard Backers

*NEW: Plastic Backers

Styrofoam Blocks

Polyfusion Blocks

Poly-wrap Bags

Hay Bales

Foam Blocks

Made of Recyclable Materials
Enviornmently Friendly

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